Monday, February 7, 2011

Crafty Weekend

Had a very fun weekend. We have a craft group that meets at our church every Thursday evening. Every so often we will have an 'overnighter'. When we first started doing that we actually stayed at the church, sleeping on the floor! Last year we decided we are just not up to that anymore. So now we stay as late as we want, go home and get some sleep, and go back on Saturday morning, until 1 or 2p.m. Everyone contributes to supper on Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday, as well as snaky stuff (have to keep up our energy!). We have lots of fun, fellowship and laughter. And we all are ready to face our everyday responsiblities with renewed energy.
Some of our group just crank out the cards like crazy, doing anywhere from 15-30 cards for the weekend. Not me! I think I overthink my cards sometimes. I really struggle with 'clean and simple'. For me it has to have layers and sparkly bling. So I'm really doing good if I finish 5 to 10. But we do have fun! If i can figure out how to do it, I will post some of the cards I made this  weekend.